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Monday, December 6, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, December 6, 2010

A year ago, Glenn forecasted what was coming…
  • Fed Monitizing the debt.
  • Europe on the brink of disaster – riots in the streets.
  • Nude scanning pictures at airports, invasive pat downs.
  • Russian company now controls 50% of US uranium output.
  • Administration bypasses Congress to enact new regulations.
  • GPS tracking of citizens without a warrant.
  • Credit card transactions in real time without a warrant.

Prediction:  You won’t recognize your country this time next year.

Last Thursday Glenn held a televised townhall. broadcast to theaters all across the country.
  • California is worse for the US than Greece is for the EU.
  • NY Times (12/5/10) has article noticing that states in the US have financial problems.
  • He showed a clip wherein he was comparing the economy to the calories in a pile of sandwiches.  At one point he showed the equivalent of Obama’s cutback by snipping a small piece off a vegetable strand in one of the sandwiches.
  • He showed a bar chart where each department’s annual budget was shown along with the monthly debt payment
    • $46 billion – Dept of Education
    • $43 billion - Dept of Housing and Urban Development
    • $42 billion – Dept of Homeland Security
    • $31 billion – Monthly debt payment ($372 billion annually)
    • $27 billion – Dept of Agriculture
    • $14 billion – Dept of Labor
  • Details of this and more are in his book “Broke”.  No one has complained about the facts he has laid out in the book.  There are 50 pages of footnotes.

The Fed recently downgraded the estimates for the US economy.

Solinda, a company touted by Obama as part of the Green Jobs Initiative just announced that it is closing one of it’s two plants.

EU bailout – to be increased by another $1 trillion.

US Unemployment
  • Now at 9.8%. 
  • Now they want another 13 months of unemployment. 
  • That would make the unemployment period almost as long as a four-year degree program.

  • They are lining up for energy assistance in Atlanta. 
  • He then showed a clip of Obama saying that his cap and trade system would necessarily see electricity prices skyrocket.
  • In Europe, old people are riding busses all day and all night to stay warm.

  • The founder is threatening to release all the documents he has if arrested. 
  • This amounts to extortion on a global scale. 
  • His goal is to destroy the regime.

Social Chaos
  • The current situation in this country is by design. 
  • Some people want the opportunities that these conditions will bring so as to implement changes, to transform, etc.
  • The uber-left is in favor of chaos. 
  • They openly advocate violence to attain their goals. 
  • Some have been shown on this program.

Recent calls for unrest…
  • Senator McCaskill – urging people to take up pitchforks over the tax cut issue.
  • Representative Louis Gutierrez - calling for bringing back the 1960’s to achieve Latino amnesty.
  • Ron Reagan Jr – Advocating bringing a gun to a fight about social justice – “whatever it takes”.
  • Van Jones – predicting that social unrest is coming.

The Top Down/Bottom Up/Inside Out Strategy at work.
  • The unemployed are being organized.
  • Churches are being organized.
  • Latinos are being organized.

“Unified Quest 2011”
  • He showed a clip from CNBC about the US Army’s “Unified Quest 2011” program. 
  • This studies the implications of large-scale economic breakdown.  It would force the Army to keep “domestic order amid civil unrest”. 
  • More can be seen at

The solution is to not buy into this (stimulated unrest).  Educate yourself and turn to God.

He showed a clip of Jim Wallace, Obama’s “spiritual advisor”, in New Zealand complaining about Glenn being against social justice and Christians.  He showed another clip of Jim advocating redistribution of income in the name of social justice.

He mentioned his web site and discussed how he chose that name.  In the Old Testament, fire is used as a metaphor for God.  God is on the side of truth.  For you to be on the side of truth is to be on the side of God.

He showed a clip of people from Willimgton, OH that are coping with a massive economic downturn.  His Dec 15th show will be from there.  More information is at

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