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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, December 22, 2010

Today’s program is a rerun of the program that first aired on December 14th.  The text below is a copy of the original posted for that date.

There is a studio audience today.

Topic for the day is families and Christmas.

·        Was not celebrated until 1873 in this country. 
·        The Founders felt that that holiday was too sacred a date and that a celebration was too garish.
·        Congress was in session on December 15th.
·        Is a celebration of families.

Glenn is reminisced about family dinners and stories his parents told each year.

Christmas used to be about gifts from the heart.

His signature Christmas task is to make hot chocolate.  He went through the motions of making that on the set.  The real hot chocolate was delivered to the studio audience from backstage.

In the Tower of Babel story, the Jewish word for the mortar that held people (the “bricks”) together is materialism.  The situation today is similar in our society.

They brought out bags for the studio audience and Glenn talked about some of the contents.

Glenn talked about the importance of food storage to help deal with the problems that lie ahead.  He is giving food storage items to relatives this year.

Check out for a list of Glenn’s favorite things.

He then discussed Urban Survival cards, manual and DVD.

When you give someone a book, you give him or her a whole new life and awareness.

Glenn recommended the following books:
  • Chronicles of Narnia (Boxed Set) –
  • Athena Project -
  • American Assassin -
  • 5000 Year Leap -
  • The Real George Washington -
  • Winners Never Cheat -
  • 8/28 Photo Book -
  • The Christmas Jar -
  • Penny’s Christmas Jar Miracle -

Back on the theme of meaningful gifts, he talked about the CD that his daughter created for him where she recorded songs that contained words she wanted him to hear or that reminded her of him.

An audience member talked about her gift of organ transplants that, just in the nick of time, saved her life.

Glenn recommends adopting a military family as a way to give back to the troops.  They will feel better knowing that someone else is looking out for them.

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