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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, December 16, 2010

Guest Host:  Judge Andrew Napolitano

Interviewed Congressman Ron Paul (R)
  • The status of the Tax Bill is that the House is in recess.  What happens next is whatever the Democrats decide to do.
  • He will vote yes on the bill because it keeps taxes from going up.
  • Spending is a problem though.
  • Spending at this level cannot continue.
  • Markets are stronger than government and, at some point, they will stop buying our bonds.  Some event will trigger the decline.
  • Many people include tax cuts as spending.  He does not do that.
  • Regarding the $1.1 trillion dollar tax bill, nothing has changed.
    • It is as if the elections of 43 days ago never happened.
    • It is so complex, it is messed up.

Three Guests Discuss the Tax Bill
  • Thomas Woods – Book “Nullification”
  • Charlie Gasparino – Book – “Bought and Paid For”
  • Steven Moore – Wall Street Journal Senior Writer

[Comments are grouped by guest.  Thus topics are commingled.]
  • Thomas Woods
    • Earmarks are a distraction.
    • Earmarks are the size of a rounding error on the Federal Budget.
    • In a few years, the payment on the debt will be $1 trillion dollars annually.
    • The Pledge the Republicans made to reduce costs was lame given the size of the problem.
    • The three words that would guarantee default are “Off the table”.  Everything needs to be on the table.
    • The arrival of the TEA Party members will probably not change the trajectory of where we are going.
    • It may take bankruptcy to get us back to what America is.
  • Charlie Gasparino
    • Representative Paul is right.
    • Bond prices are going down and yields are spiking.
    • Government is in cahoots with Wall Street in many ways.
    • In 1994, there was a Mexican peso crisis.  Everyone bet wrong and the government bailed out the Wall Street firms.  That ultimately led to the risk taking in 2008.
    • Earmark bribery always works.
  • Steven Moore
    • Americans should be appalled at the process being used for the Tax Bill.
    • It is the worst he has seen in 27 years. 
    • He is disgusted.
    • There are 6,714 earmarks in the Senate version of the bill.
    • The really bad thing about earmarks is that they are used to buy votes for the expensive items in the bills.
    • He would vote for the bill, though.

Replay of a portion of the Glenn Beck interview of Jon Huntsman first aired on December 10th.
  • Author of “Winners Never Cheat”
  • Mentor of Glenn’s.
  • He complimented Glenn and called him the finest man he’s met.
  • Glenn had him discuss the sale of part of his company.
    • 40% of Huntsman’s company was being sold.
    • Agreed to price was $54 million.
    • Lawyers took six months to finalize everything.
    • During those six months, the value of that 40% increased from $54 million to $250 million.
    • Huntsman held to the original price even though the buyer suggested splitting the price increase to $120 million.

  • Founder Julian Assange out on bail today in England.
  • But did he commit a crime?
  • Guests
    • Kathryn Mangu-Ward, Senior Editor, Reason Magazine
    • Leslie Marshall, Radio Talk Show Host
[Comments are grouped by guest.  Thus topics are commingled.]
Kathryn Mangu-Ward
o       If Assange is a criminal, so are Fox News and Reason Magazine.
o       She does not know if Private Manning is the original leaker, but the more the government clamps down, the more there will be.
Leslie Marshall
o       The First Amendment should apply to Assange because he is a journalist, not just an anarchist.
o       She is concerned that the focus remains on Assange and not on the original leaker, Private Manning.
o       There is a limit of how much can be released, especially if lives of soldiers are at stake.

Net Neutrality
  • Guest is Seton Motley, Editor in Chief, and President of Less Government.
  • Two facets of Net Neutrality
    • Tiered Pricing
      • The Left is against this.
      • It means that everyone will get the same bandwidth no matter what the user is doing, e.g., downloading a movie or sending a Twitter message.
    • Control Content
      • The Left is in favor of this.
      • No discussion on this topic.
  • Net Neutrality is a solution looking for a problem.
  • Judge Napolitano remarked that the FCC doesn’t have any authority to regulate the Internet and the way it is being run today is almost perfection.
  • The vote is scheduled just before Christmas.
  • People should complain to their Senators and Congressman.  It can be derailed easily.

Thwarted Bomb Attacks
  • Guest is Attorney Bob Barr
  • Pictures of two young men were shown.
  • Both were arrested because they were involved in a plot to use a bomb, a Weapon of Mass Destruction.
  • The Judge felt they were enticed into the plot.
  • Government many times goes after the easy targets.
  • The dummy bombs were provided by the government and wouldn’t work.
  • Many times these types of individuals are charged with conspiracy, which could keep them in jail for life.

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