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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, September 27, 2010

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was in New York this week.  After his speech at the United Nations, he met with Louis Farrakhan and the leadership of the Black Panthers.

Americans Informing Themselves

In Glenn’s memory, he has not seen a time when Americans are informing themselves of what is going on and how we got to where we are.  He mentioned a number of books that were previously recommended on his show:
  • Road to Surfdom (First Published in 1944) – This book normally sells about 7,000 copies per year.  After it was mentioned on Glenn’s program, it sold 70,000 copies in one week.
  • George Washington’s Sacred Fire (Highly Recommended) –
  • Woodrow Wilson – Roots of Modern Liberalism ]keywords=%B7%09Woodrow+Wilson+%96+Roots+of+Modern+Liberalism+
  • 5,000 Year Leap –
  • New Deal, Raw Deal –
  • The Real George Washington –
  • Phillip Dru, Administrator: The Story of Tomorrow –

Choices for Americans

  • CHOICE 1                                                      CHOICE 2
Constitution Government                                  Big, Progressive Government
Limited Federal Power                                     The Right – Control your bedroom
Lower Taxes                                                   The Left – Control Everyroom
Reduced Federal Spending
Personal Responsibility
Government helps those who
Cannot help themselves.

·        Founders Knew

    • People are flawed
    • Power corrupts
    • Don’t give people power over you because they will become corrupt because they are flawed.

  • He then showed a clip of Cass Sunsteen remarking that the Constitution is outdated and that people are Homer Simpson like and can be manipulated.

  • Eighty percent of the eliete class believes in Choice 2. 
  • Sixty percent of Americans believe in Choice 1.

  • He then listed a number of government actions that have recently been taken that chips away at our freedoms…

    • The courts have ruled that the government does not need a warrant to track your movements via GPS.
    • The courts have ruled that the government does not need a warrant to trace your movements via cell phone.
    • The government is pushing for backdoors for internet email encryption from all vendors.
    • A Forbes Magazine article reports that 500 radar vans have been sold.  These radar systems are similar to the ones installed at airports to scan passengers.  They are mounted in vans that drive the streets and can “see into” nearby cars and buildings.  Requests for who these vans have been sold to has been denied.
    • The government has announced that there are several dozen American citizens around the world that the President has authorized the military to kill or capture.  Attemptes to find out the names of those citizens were denied by the CIA because their systems could not produce such a list.  (Since progressives do not believe in the Constitution, where do they get the authority to assasinate citizens?)
    • Department of Education (Established 1979) Secretary was featured in a clip wherein he stated the goal of his organization was to make students good green citizens.  (No word about improving graduation rates, test scores, etc.)
    • The Department of Energy Secretary was shown in a clip wherein she noted that the Department was going to achieve their goals by granting subsidies and issue mandates, just issuing regulations to cause the required transformation.
    • Andy Stern, formerly head of SEIU (Service Employees International Union), is now on President Obama’s Economic Team.  He recently announced an idea that addresses the excessive unemployment of 16 – 24 year olds.  For $46.5 billion, 12 million jobs could be created in an Americacorps on steroids.  This idea first surfaced ten months ago from the Center for American Progress, funded by George Soros.

NIC Global Trends Report 2025

This government report was mentioned on the 9/23/10 program.  It will be covered in depth on Friday’s upcoming program.

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