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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, September 22, 2010

Wealth Reduction

Glenn started today’s program by noting that estimates indicate wealth in America has dramatically declined over the last few years…
  • Household Wealth – Down $1.5 trillion
  • Net Worth – Down $10 trillion
  • Stocks – Down $2 trillion
  • One economist now estimates the true total debt of the U.S. now at $202 trillion (including unfounded liabilities such as social security, medicare, Fanny Mae and Freddy MAC, etc)  [Note: The U.S. GDP is around $14 trillion.]

Progressive Belief System

He reviewed the basic progressive belief system…
  • Current approach is unsustainable
  • Redistribution of wealth (globally)
  • Global governance run by elites

“Choice Architect” Cass Sunsteen

Cass Sunsteen is the regulatory czar.  He operates out of sight and without outside controls and can pretty much do whatever he wants.  Glenn showed a clip of Sunsteen declaring that people are Homer Simpson like and needed to be guided to make correct choices.  For example, offer carrots and broccoli, not fries as side orders for your Big Mac (from Sunsteen’s book “Nudge”).  By limiting people’s choices, it is not necessary for the government to force them to take a particular action – the “undesirable” choices are not even available.

Food Choice Controls

Glenn reviewed a number of actions local and federal governments are taking to limit food choices…
  • No sugary drinks in vending machines
  • No salt in prepared foods in restaurants
  • No transfats used to cook foods
  • Cheerios was threatened by the FDA for “unapproved” claims (not that they were untrue)
  • McDonalds Happy Meal restrictions
  • Enactment of “Fast Food Free” zones around selected areas like schools

Propaganda Creators

Propaganda began under the Wilson administration with three people…
  • Colonel House, an administrator
  • Walter Lippman, media person - believed people wanted to be told what to do
  • Edward Bernays, salesman – advocated a “carrot and stick” approach to make people think it was their idea

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