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Friday, May 20, 2011

Glenn Beck Program May 20, 2011

In Studio Audience

On May 21st at 6:00 PM EST, is to be the End of the World, per Family Radio.
  • A retired MTA worker spent $140,000 on an advertising campaign on the subway to publicize this.
  • The same guy predicting the end of the world tomorrow also predicted the end of the world in 1994.

  • Rabbi Joseph Potasnik, New York Board of Rabbis
  • David Barton, Founder Wallbuilders
  • Pastor Tom Mullins, Christ Fellowship Church
  • Rabbi Shlomo Riski, Chancellor of Ohr Torah Stone

Glenn and the guests had a round table discussion concerning Israel.  The topics discussed followed Glenn’s lead and the questions he asked.

(Comments have been grouped by guest, not by topic.)

  • Standing with Israel is about doing what is right to do.
  • There are some religious groups that will not stand with Israel.
  • Evil and good here are so apparent. 
    • We are commanded to do it.
  • If you lose Israel, you will get a Caliphate across the Middle East. 
    • And then they will sweep up into Europe.
  • When you visit some Jewish religious sites, they have been defaced with Arabic writing on the walls.
  • More information on the Restoring Courage Rally August 24th is available at
  • The leader of Hamas recently said Jews were worse than vermin, worse than bacteria.  This is Goebbels.
  • They are very clear.  They want to kill every Jew on the planet.
  • When I was in Israel, I watched people celebrate Israel’s independence and I felt real joy.  I had not had that feeling here. 
    • A man there came up to Glenn and thanks him for saying what he is saying. 
    • The man said that they (Israel) felt alone.
  • Glenn has been to Israel twice and has felt safer there than anywhere else.
  • Glenn tells the story of the Crusades when Jews went to an underground holy place to worship and were then walled in by the Crusaders.  As a final act, the Crusaders threw a torch inside the room to burn them alive. 
    • He says he can understand why some Jews are suspicious of Christians.
  • Glenn feels his faith is kind of an outcast in the Christian world.
  • The most favorite part of the trip was the people.  The least favorite part of the trip was people trying to work themselves into Glenn’s solution.
  • One of the reasons Glenn is leaving Fox is to focus on young people.
  • Israel is the world coming home.

Pastor Tom Mullins
  • There is no hidden code in the bible.
  • Israel is an island of democracy in the Middle East.  If we lose Israel, we will have lost the Middle East.
  • In Israel, all faiths are free to worship.

David Barton
  • He is not planning on the end of the world tomorrow.
  • He accompanied Glenn on the trip to Israel last week.  He felt that there were a number of sacred sites they visited on this trip.
  • The more biblical groups are the ones standing with Israel.

Rabbi Joseph Potasnik
  • Jews sometimes feel isolated.
  • It is a great thing Glenn is doing to come and stand with us in Israel.  It is reassuring.
  • A person who is crazy is a person of spirit.  We need more crazy people like you.
  • President Lyndon Johnson stood with Israel because, he said, it was the right thing to do.
  • Unfortunately, for many Jews, the Bar Mitzvah is the last connection they have with their religion.
  • They need to read history written by non-Jews.
  • Also, they should look around the world at the leftist governments and see how Jews are treated there.  And Christians.
  • They (Palestinians) are very clear about what they mean.  We don’t want to think that they mean that and we try to camouflage it and think they don’t mean it.  We try to cover it up.
  • Hate mongers have no problem forming coalitions.
  • They have no problem finding each other.
  • Where are we going to have the opponents to hate mongers?
  • This rally is important because it is a manifestation of good over evil.
  • A Gallup Poll taken worldwide about being happy had Israel in eighth place.

Rabbi Shlomo Riski
  • We need to stand together with Israel because it is a second chance for the world.  1939 – 1945 started with the Jews, but it didn’t end there.
  • Bin Laden said that it is not just the Jews, it is America as well.
  • Everyone coming for the rally means the world for Israel.  One of the things that has happened has been that the Christian world has held out their hand to us.  It has meant a great deal.
  • Jews have been subject to 2,000 years of terrible persecution.
  • Every morning we wake up and thank God for being chosen and given us survival.
  • He has allowed us to give the greatest gift to mankind – the Ten Commandments.  Ant the idea of freedom. 
  • America is founded on these ideas and that is what people are fighting for when they fight for Israel.

Black Robe Brigade

  • The Black Robe Brigade is what the British called the American clergy during the American Revolution.
  • There is more information about the Brigade at
  • The web site has sermons given at the time that the British complained about. Plus there is a ton of information about what can be done today plus videos and other materials to bring the clergy back into the roles they had 200 years ago.
  • In the past year, there has been an awakening of the challenges and a desire to come together to unify, to get back to the foundation of this nation.
  • Statistically, those churches that have regained their voices are growing.  The weak-kneed ones are having trouble.
    • 67% of people think church is irrelevant today.

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