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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, December 21, 2010

Today’s theme is the Constitution

Guests David Barton, Founder of and Judge Andrew Napolitano.

Articles of Confederation
  • Before there was a Constitution, there was an Articles of Confederation. 
  • This document provided the framework for the American colonies and it was not working satisfactorily.  Hence the retry that gave us the Constitution.
  • The first president was John Hansom.

In 1887, the Constitutional Convention was called.  They adopted a republic as the preferred type of government and federalism as a way to share power between the states and the central government.

The 5 Goals of the Government
  1. Acknowledge God.
  2. Exercise Frugality
  3. Restrain the infliction of injury.
  4. Encourage entrepreneurship and free enterprise
  5. Protect property earnings of citizens

In contrast, the more modern Progressivism seeks to move beyond the Constitution.  It chooses to believe that the Constitution is a “…living, breathing document.”  The Founders did allow for modifications via the Amendment process, which has been used 27 times so far.

The clip following features David Barton

The Senate
  • Established to represent the states.
  • Appointed by the state legislatures.
  • They were to be lobbyists for the states.
  • The 17th amendment changed that so that Senators were elected by the people.
  • This happened during the election in 1913.

Selected Presidents
  • Teddy Roosevelt went on to establish the Progressive Party.
  • Herbert Hoover
    • Was a progressive RINO
    • Started central planning in the U. S.
  • Only two presidents were strong defenders of the Constitution.
    • Thomas Jefferson
    • Grover Cleveland – He vetoed more bills for not tying back to specific requirements of the Constitution than anyone else.

Good Guys versus the Bad Guys (Presidents)
  • The Good guys use constitutionally approved means of solving problems. 
  • The Bad guys seek to avoid the Constitution and find a way around it.

David Barton states that today we don’t know the Constitution.  We should read it every year.  It takes about 20 minutes.

Frederick Douglas and the 3/5th  vote per slave.
  • Was hired to publicize the Constitution.
  • He read the Constitution and the surrounding documents for himself.
  • The 3/5th count per slave came about as follows…
    • The Northern states were anti-slavery.
    • Three states, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina were pro-slavery.
    • Representation was to be determined by headcount.
    • Pro-slavery states wanted a full headcount for each slave.
    • The anti-slave states would only agree to 3/5 per slave to determine representation.  For a full headcount, they would have to grant a slave his freedom.
    • Frederick Douglass saw this as an anti-slavery measure and a way to encourage the pro-slave states to free their slaves.

Who Fathered the Constitution?
  • James Madison would not take credit.  He said that many minds went into its construction.
  • Roger Sherman
    • He came up with the bi-cameral concept.
    • Proposed that the Senate would represent the States and the House would represent the People.

Declaration of Independence
  • You need to know the Declaration of Independence to understand the Constitution.
  • The first 85 words establish 5 fundamental principals of American government.
1.      We believe in a creator.
2.      The creator grants people rights.
3.      The role of government is to protect those rights.
4.      Moral law
5.      Consent of the governed.

Video Clips
  • Glenn showed a clip of Elena Kagan taken during her confirmation hearing tiptoeing around the concept of inalienable rights.
  • A clip of Obama was shown wherein he avoided the term “creator” when discussing the source of inalienable rights.
    • The first time it was claimed by the White House as an unintentional slip.
    • Obama omitted it again 7 days later.

Glenn then discussed the concept of rights being granted by God
  • Because that way man could not take them away. 
  • In contrast, if man can grant you a right he could take it away from you.
  • He showed a clip of Senator Tome Harkin claiming that with the passage of Obamacare, health care is now an inalienable right.
  • Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness show up in the Declaration as God given rights
  • The right to a job, a house, health care, a “living wage”, etc come from Marx.

  • Transnationalism is the biggest threat to the Constitution today.
  • It is another term for International Law.
  • He showed a clip of Ed Whelen discussing Harold Coe, a recently appointed advisor to the State Department, calling for the use of international “norms” to trump the Constitution.
  • He showed a clip of John Bolton discussing how Transnationalists want the Constitution to be subservient to international laws.
  • He showed portions of various clips showing various elected officials, basically ignoring the Constitution when it comes to doing their work.

He showed a clip of Judge Napolitano saying that the people are the true guardians of the Constitution.  He recited an old saying, “A nation of sheep breeds a government of wolves.”

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